Organizing Committee

Maksym "LYONDER" Lyonder

UESF Manager


I have been fond of playing Counter-Strike since my childhood. In the future i've started esports activities: in 2016 i was involved in Lviv LAN tournament as an organizer and a player. Later i've worked as a commentator and head of one of the esports organizations. The main goal is to prove to common players that their dreams are real and possible to achieve. And even in Ukraine, players can become successful just by following their goal! I think that UESF is a real chance to realize yourself in any esports activity.


Maksym "ZBR4" Tereschenko

Chairman of the Planning and Organization of Esports events Comittee



I loved to play computer games since my childhood. This passion evolved into professional activity: starting age of 16 i've begun to organize various online tournaments for Dota 2. Later i've started managing professional teams and organizations in the CIS region, such as: DUZA Gaming, PRIES, Falcon Gaming, CIS REJECTS, Team Spirit and Anima Unity. The main goal is to popularize esports in Ukraine and bring it to a new level.





Denis "LilinetLoran" Zhurid

Head of Broadcast Planning Department



I've spent most of my life in the Allods Online and Counter-Strike projects and in the winter of 2018 became a streamer. The opportunity to be a commentator for the UESF community inspires me, inspires the desire to develop here for many years and show the whole world what is real Ukrainian esports!

CS:GO commentators

Maksym "MaX0N" Stankovskiy

CS:GO commentator



Maksym was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, 2003. He was fond of Counter-Strike and sports from childhood, participated in various CS tournaments.


Nikolay "saYreN" Motsak

CS:GO commentator

Since childhood, i have been interested in commenting and online games. My whole life is connected with Counter-Strike. I believe that UESF will help me to realize myself in this discipline. I have a very interesting team in the federation, and i'm happy to work in a pleasant atmosphere. In my opinion, UESF is a great opportunity for every Ukrainian interested in esports, to show himself and bring the Ukrainian community to a whole new level.


Nikolay "fen1x" Babiychuk 

CS:GO commentator


I started playing in 1.6 version of the game and played in different teams. In 2015, i switched to the CS:GO version and after the ESL Katowice 2015 i found myself interested in esports. Now i'm into commenting, recently joined the UCC Academy studio and UESF. I look forward for a long and successful cooperation. I believe that esports in Ukraine will reach a whole new level! The main goal is to become a legend of Counter-Strike as a player.


Dota 2 commentators

Aleksandr "4er4ell" Kharchuk 

Dota 2 commentator



I was born in Kyiv, 1997. I study philology in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Since childhood I have been interested in computer games. In a while i became a commentator. Currently i'm a commentator for UESF. I am sure that in Ukraine, esports should be at the highest level.


Andrey "Parker" Valchuk 

Dota 2 commentator


I was born in Kherson, 1998. I study at the Agrarian faculty of Kherson State Agrarian University. Since childhood i have been fond of online games: started with Warcraft lll, Counter-Strike 1.6 and DotA AllStars. First commenting experience came after the major Hearthstone Europe vs China Championship 2016 tournament. I have been interested in esports since watching The International 3. I'm a huge fan of Natus Vincere.


Nikita "FANDER" Luschevskiy 

Dota 2 commentator



I was born in Starokostiantyniv, 2002. Since childhood I have been interested in computer games. I am playing Dota 2 since the release and participated in tournaments on the StarLadder platform. Now i'm in federation, in order to raise esports at the highest level in Ukraine, because this is a favorite thing for many people.


Myroslav "TiPoSeR" Grushelevskiy  Dota 2 commentator


From the very childhood Myroslav commented football matches and after that switched to Dota 2. He is an official Dota 2 commentator for UESF. In the future, plans to bring esports in Ukraine to a higher, or even to the highest level. He believes that esports is very promising and interesting.




Vladimir "PV" Prishutov 

Dota 2 commentator

Since youth i have been interested in online games. In 2010, I saw the WCG tournament and Natus Vincere's CS: GO team, and became their fan. In 2011, I met their Dota 2 team. Starting from the end of 2011 I'm playing Dota 2. I am a commentator since 2017. I have a goal to popularize eSports. I consider UESF as an opportunity to achieve set goals.