PrivatBank becomes an official partner of Ukrainian Esports Federation

Today we’re proud to announce that PrivatBank becomes an official partner of Ukrainian Esports Federation. In cooperation with them we will carry on popularize and develop esports in Ukraine.


Within the confines of the cooperation, the biggest Ukrainian bank will integrate into the esports sphere along with the projects, which we’ll develop in conjunction. UESF and PrivatBank made a plan for the next year, which is already being embodied.  


Ukrainian gamers will get a large amount of unique projects developed in this cooperation. Along with PrivatBank we plan to organize championships, the first one of which is NCL Dnipro CS:GO Minor. Moreover, you can expect some special offers for purchases and the cashback!  


Аrtur Yermolayev, Head of UESF:

"I am very glad with the fact that UESF started cooperation with PrivatBank, which is the absolute industry’s leader. We expect plenty of mutual projects in the nearest future. I am sure this cooperation will be extremely fruitful bringing a lot of benefits for Ukrainian Esports".


Crisitina Karmazina, Head of e-commerce projects at PrivatBank:

"PrivatBank wants to be a part of this new reality. It’s amazing that Ukraine now has a domestic esports federation. Nowadays esports is not a phenomenon anymore and millions of people watch international competitions with an overt delight. Professional esportsmen get sports visas, transfer from one team to another. Along with UESF we want to provide gamers with an opportunity to be a part of the community — to participate in tournaments, esports events. Moreover, we want them to not only spectate but to take a part and to win! I believe that in this cooperation we can take esports in Ukraine to the next level".

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