Artur Yermolayev

Head of UESF


A good esportsman should have a super-fast reaction like a good businessman. He’s young, ambitious and genuinely enjoys his thing that is esports.

Anton Markelov

Deputy head of UESF


Love for the game and esports is in his blood since he was young. An entrepreneur, former well-known professional Counter-Strike player, a champion of Ukraine, a silver winner of World Cyber Games 2004, a talented strategist and organizer. Inner peace and confidence always bring success in his work. He can make decisions in conditions of incomplete information and the shortage of time.

Vladislav Bartoshko

Board member of UESF


Team games are for those who find it important to feel as part of the team. Vladislav can spark up and motivate people; he’s creative, independently rational, and genuinely interested in computer games.

Maksym Bednarskyi

Board member of UESF

A managing partner of the Ukrainian esports organization Windigo Gaming. He was the CEO of the Ukrainian esports organization HellRaisers from 2014 to 2017.