Ukrainian Esports Federation

About us

A global audience of esports is now more than 270 million people, which is comparable to the most popular sports. The annual growth rate is 15-25%.


Modern tournaments gather thousands of fans all over the world, and the number of viewers on TV and the Internet is more than 10 million people.


Tournaments’ prize pools can be as high as ten million dollars.


We can safely say that esports is the sport of the future.


As for esports in Ukraine, through the years, some of the best professional players in the world were brought up here. Our players won the most prestigious world tournaments in all kinds of disciplines. Ukrainian sportsmen became the world champions for more than 6 times, thus proving our country is rich with young talents and can become one of the strongest esports nations in the world.


Ukrainian eSports Federation is an all-Ukrainian organization created to promote and develop electronic sports in Ukraine.

The main goals and objectives of the Federation are:

Creating a full-fledged infrastructure of mass esports throughout the territory of Ukraine;

Creating regional and all-Ukrainian leagues (Student leagues, Amateur leagues, semi-professional leagues) on a regular basis;

Creating an esports school for future professional players, coaches, commentators, analysts, streamers;

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and right approach to the training process as part of the sports activities among youth.

All members of our team have enormous experience both in esports and business. Each of us is an established professional with a huge experience under his belt.


We are a public organization, we do not pursue commercial purposes. Instead, we want to provide every willing Ukrainian with a chance to assert himself. Everyone who wants and tries to give a chance to his future in esports. We want to provide legal and financial support to all talented players.